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Manobo evacuees surprise Mar Roxas with blunt answers

In Tandag City last Tuesday, former Interior Secretary and presidential aspirant Mar Roxas visited the Manobo evacuees camped at the Tandag Sports Complex.

But according to this report and video from the indie journalist group Kodao Productions, Roxas appeared to be unaware of the extent of the atrocities as he listened to a Manobo recount the murder of their school head and lumad leaders.

Roxas interrupted the lumad as he turned his attention on the person holding the camera, “Who are you?” he asked, and then requested the video to be cut off.

The report said that after this talk with the lumad, Roxas refused request of the provincial governor to continue to visit the other evacuees. Roxas said that he would ask authorities to investigate the matter and denied that the perpetrators of the massacre are part of the Philippine Army.

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