Salugpungan students continue schooling in Haran in fourth month

(MISIF teacher Ricky Balilid in a makeshift class with Salugpongan’s Manobo students. Photo by Erwin Mascarinas)

How are the lumad students doing inside their refuge shelter in UCCP Haran for the fourth straight month?

In this series of photos and interviews, photojournalist Erwin Mascarinas shows images of some of the 230 Manobo students between pre-school to grade six and interviews with two teachers from Salugpungan Learning Center and MISFI Academy who are among the mentors assigned to continue the education for these children.

“Teaching in the evacuation center is really a hard and huge challenge for us, but as a lumad myself, it’s an honor to teach and help the children learn more and be educated,” said Charlene Sawit, a Salugpongan teacher.

A student express hope that they may return to their community and school with the military and paramilitary out from their sight.

“It’s hits hard when we see armed men come to our village, and then some of them stay right inside our school ground. We hope that our hardship will end soon, and we can go back in peace to our village,” said one of the students.

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